Awards & Showings

Award-winning Images from 2021

Golden Spike won Best of Show in Fine Art Photography at the Utah State Fair.

For the fifth consecutive year, the yearly body of my work won be best of state in nature photography. I also won best of state in architectural photography.

Golden Spike won first place for professional photography at the Murray Community Art Show.

Best Fine Art Photographers in Salt Lake City by Giggster (# 1)

The 11 Best Landscape Photographers in Salt Lake City by Peerspace (# 3)

award winning images from 2020

For the fourth consecutive year, the yearly body of my work won be best of state in nature photography.

award winning images from 2019

Fly Geyser returns to win best of show in april 2019 for the cottonwood heights art show.

for the third consecutive year, the yearly body of my work won be best of state in nature photography. in the first year it was awarded, i also won best of state in architectural photography.

showings in 2018

autumn fairy was toured through france, including a brief stop at Cannes during the film festival in may.

award winning images from 2018

This piece- Fly Geyser- was picked to be “March” in the 2018 Mountain America Federal Credit Union calendar. My good friend Michelle Farnsworth also had a picture chosen for the calendar, so congrats to Michelle, too!

In the Utah State Fair, this black and white piece I call, “The Last Picture Show” took First Place in Fine Art. I also won second place ribbons in the “Action” and “Beyond Ordinary” category’s of the “Professional Photographer” division.

this one really means a lot to me. in early april, the winners of best of state were announced, and my work won for nature photography. this award is not only judged on the body of work of the artist, but on their contributions to utah as a whole. it has always been my goal to give back with my photography, and i think this award is showing that i do. i live in a beautiful place, and my work is so stunning because of my easy access to the wonders of utah. so i owe a lot to the state, the people of this state, national and state parks systems and the natural beauty all around us.


wow- we are not even two weeks into the new year, and I have already won another photo contest! the good folks at viewbug have seen fit to pick fallen tree in a color glade as the people’s choice in the mother nature photo challenge. again, an awful lot of really great pictures in competition; many that i like better than color glade. thank you so much for choosing my piece.


in february, the byu monte l. bean held it’s nature photography competition and exhibition for 2017. I entered the allowed two images, gnarled tree on the precipice in landscape and ice floe in water. the judges moved ice floe into landscape… and the two pieces played tag team and placed first and second place, respectively. wow. i beat myself. read more here.


showings in 2017

Fly Geyser was picked for my work’s first appearance in an international exhibition. For October and November 2017, this piece is representing at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece.

in may 2017, my first one-man show opened at the salon nv in downtown salt lake city. i was honored to show over twenty pieces in this show. i chose a combination of landscapes and ballerina portraits. the reaction has been tremendous- everyone loves seeing these images in “real life.” because of the printing processes i used- metal prints and acrylic prints- my images lept off the walls and really showed well

award winning images from 2016

gnarled tree on the precipice pulled through at the utah state fair and won my second consecutive best of show in fine art photography. half credit must go to my wife lisa who pointed the lone tree out to me as i was looking for a suitable foreground object- i had walked right by it! the other half credit goes to the sun for such a spectacular light show…. i was just lucky enough to capture it without screwing it up too much. oh… and did i mention my daughter also won a best of show in cell phone photography?

surprise! also won a third place in unclassified at the state fair.

kannaraville falls was the grand winner of the water fall madness photo challenge at viewbug on december 6th 2016. two days later, the same piece was picked the grand winner of the beautiful waterfalls photo challenge. Whoo Hoo!

gnarled tree on the precipice was chosen in december at viewbug as member selection award. it had previously won the spring selection award at viewbug. easily my most popular image on the site, to date it has won 11 photo trifectas.

to wind up the year, and as a final christmas present, viewbug picked guardsmans pass sunset as the grand winner of the north american fall photo challenge. a nicer christmas present i have yet to receive- thank you!

showings in 2016

gnarled tree on the precipice & slot canyon # 42 – i was lucky enough to have two pieces picked by the white stone gallery of philadelphia pa for their considering creation landscape photography exhibition. this exhibit runs june 3 – june 24 2016. both slot canyon # 42 and gnarled tree on the precipice are in the exhibit, and three other pieces (slot canyon # 16, sunrise in bryce canyon, and storm over dead horse point) were judged distinguished mentions.
snow queen – this beautiful picture of annabella (with my daughter off to frame left, throwing the snow in the frame) is entitled snow queen. the piece was juried in to the light play exhibition at blue line arts of roseville/sacramento ca. the exhibition ran june 6, 2016 – july 9, 2016.
storm over dead horse point – I must say, this was the exhibition I REALLY was hoping to be included in. I just got the e-mail from Pictured: The West’s Most Spectacular National Parks– one of my images (you’ve seen it before!) was included in the show! The show is part of a year-long celebration of the hundredth year of our National Park Service. This exhibit will open to the public in St. George, Utah on June 11 and run through August 13th, 2016.

award winning images from 2015

the ballet photo shoot – possibly one of my favorite pictures, the ballet photo shoot also wowed them at the utah state fair in 2015. this image was entered in fine art, and took best of show in fine art. at the end of the fair, it was also voted peoples choice by the public who viewed the whole photography exhibition.
leap of faith – jakob pringle faced a hard, cold shoot for this picture; my daughter was just off the camera with a blanket to keep him warm, and yes, that is ice you see beneath him. this colorful shot was awarded a first place in action photography at the utah state fair in 2015.
inversion – this was a fun piece, shot of my daughter out on the bonneville salt flats. a beautify day, we were blessed with a thin layer of water… and thus this picture. this picture pulled in a second place in 2015 despite being hung and judged upside-down.
storm at dead horse point – i entered this image i shot last july while on vacation with my family in moab in the 2015 nature photography competition and exhibition at the monte l. bean life science museum at byu. to my pleasant surprise, storm over dead horse point won first place in the landscape (hand of man) category.

award winning images from 2013

in opposition – this piece was captured in pisa italy. it won the judges choice in the utah state fair in 2013.
white buildings blue see – this was my attempt to do an original image on one of the most photographed places on earth. none ever seem to capture the full beauty and magic of santorini. white buildings blue see won a fourth place in the utah state fair in 2013.
tufas at mono lake – one of my favorite shots is a hi-resolution panorama. this one was composed of something like 36 original images, all stitched together in a stand-alone program. tufas at mono lake won an honorable mention at the utah state fair in 2013.

award winning images from 2012

sunrise at oia – another of my multi-image panoramas, sunrise at oia– if printed at full size- would be over 8 feet wide. this was my first big win at the utah state fair, taking a second in 2012.
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