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White Stone Gallery announced an international call to photographers for the Considering Creation Exhibition of Landscape Photography, to be held June 3 - June 24 at the gallery's location in Philadelphia, PA.

One artist or more will receive a year contract as a represented artist with White Stone Gallery. If the artist is not ready for representation or interested in representation, an in-depth professional critique and one of the professional development programs by the director and staff of White Stone Gallery will be offered.

May 6 - Submission deadline
May 9 - Accepted artists and titles list posted online
May 18 - May 24 - Gallery receives deliveries Please note the delivery deadline has changed to June 13
June 3 - June 24 - Exhibition Please note the exhibition dates have changed to June 17 - July 1

2016 Accepted (for exhibition) Artists and Works - Thank you to all of the artists who submitted.

R Beverly - Black Forrest
C R Cain - Sunset Winds
Jo Cooney - In the Spotlight
Mitch Eckert - Tree Divine
John Holloway - Creature, Creation, Created., Splendor
Conrad Hunziker - Road Through Death
Dave Koch - Slot Canyon # 42, Gnarled Tree On The Precipice
Deborah Land - The Open Door, Nurtured Earth
Rafal Maleszyk - Dunes, Plastic Flags
Nolan W. McCants - Settle Down
Cam Miller - Keyhole Rock, After the Storm
Andrew Morgan - Awakening
Tonya Reid - Pathways
Christopher Ruane - Untitled 2
Joshua Tagi - Pathway to Heaven, Natural Perfection
Nicholas Teetelli - Lollipop II, Lollipop III, Hancock, Salvaleon de Higuey
Eric Van Tassel - Sunset at Blackrock #1, GSMNP Morning Fog #1, East Fork Overlook Sunrise #1
Anne Whitfield Edgin - Broken
David Wilcox - Peaceful [email protected], Leading Me Home, Beauty Everywhere

2016 Distinguished Mentions (not for exhibition)

Paul Brubaker - By Harrisburg Pike
C R Cain - The White House: Canyon De Chelly
Wayne Dixon - At the Dock
Kelsey Gallagher - Landscape 1
Claire Giblin - ...new every morning
John Holloway - West Texas Color
Conrad Hunziker - Spire Stars 2
Dave Koch - Slot Canyon # 16, Sunrise in Bryce Canyon, Storm over Dead Horse Point
Rafal Maleszyk - Plastic Sky
Nolan W. McCants - Grey Grazing
Ann Parker - Water Sand Sky
Eric Rennie - Greenhouses in Clover, Mattabesset River Late Fall, Sunrise in Fog
Christopher Ruane - Untitled 1, Untitled 3
Anne Whitfield Edgin - The Negev

2016 Honorable Mentions (not for exhibition)

Ruth Adams - Mushroom #1
Wayne Dixon - Splash on the Rocks, Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Mitch Eckert - Poppy (Pressed)
Joo Kim - The Road
Harrison Land - The Passenger, Stranger Things
Tonya Reid - Protected
Carol Shannon - Majestic
Jeffrey Skinner - Ephraim
Lee W Bass - Of Heaven and Earth Series 1, Of Heaven and Earth Series 5, Of Heaven and Earth Series 6
Lynn Whitney - Turtle Eggs




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