Salt Lake City Temple Pictures

I have spent the last month shooting sunsets and Christmas lights at the Temple and Temple Square. During those nights, I have caught a LOT of different feelings, colors and moods with my lens. Every night presented me something unique (and, in my opinion, outstanding). These were, quite simply, inspired shoots.

These are not the kind of images you can just go out and shoot on a slow evening… even for many professional photographers. They required a lot of set up, patience, and many hours of editing. High-quality, professional gear. A super-stable tripod. Good weather. A firm working knowledge of architectural photography. And considering that the Temple is entering a 4-year renovation, well, yeah: now these images are impossible to shoot.

When I was working on these, a good night would resulted in one complete image, and a possibly secondary image if I worked fast and got really lucky. Each of these images took 30 minutes to an hour to shoot. Each is made from 15 to 90 composited images, and took many additional hours to light up, color correct, adjust and edit. With multiple stacked exposures and super-detailed panoramas, the pixel density on these images is so thick they can be printed as big as your wall (Trust me, I did 2 last week 50 feet long!)

I am so excited about how inspiring and spectacular these images turned out, and the incredible the response I have gotten online to these shots. I want to make these special images for a short while in large format prints. By large, I want sizing to start at 36 inches wide and go up; these images deserve to be printed BIG. I will print them on metal, on acrylic (my personal choice!) or on canvas with canvas matting and wood framing.

Here are the nine I have chosen. I will only be offering these a short while, and in editions of 20 per image. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Pricing Canvas Metal Acrylic
24 x 36 $600 $800 $1200
35 x 48 $1000 $2000 $2500
40 x 60 $1350 $2500 $3200

Images will vary in height; price is based on width (except for “Temple Backside” with Height and Width reversed). Pricing includes hanging hardware and shipping to US residences. Special requirements may be extra. Canvas does NOT include framing or matting which is additional. No pieces sold or shipped unframed.


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