First Place In Fine Art at State Fair

I just got back from the Utah State Fair… I just couldn’t wait to see the results. I felt I had some good images in the competition, and I really was excited to see how they did. Like a kid the night before Christmas, my friend Ryan Smith said. Yep agreed my wife. So off I went, snaking across the floor and seeing how things played out.

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The Castle at Capitol Reef – Photo Dissection

Another one of the images I really liked from the Capitol Reef National Park trip was this image. in it, we see The Castle standing guard above the Visitor Center at Capitol Reef, with the Castle catches the evening sun. The empty space is filled with a bare tree, and an almost dry river brings our eye gently into the picture.

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Stormy Wasatch Series Released

Landscape photographer Dave Koch has just released a new series of three images in the “Stormy Wasatch” series. The three images were made following a rather fierce storm in the Wasatch mountains, and the series follows the storm as it clears the mountains into a clean and breathtaking series of images. Continue reading “Stormy Wasatch Series Released” »

Lonely Tree – Photo Dissection

OK, I admit it- this is a cliche image: the isolated tree in a field. I could say this is a new take on that classic (cliched) image, and maybe I will because it makes me feel better. There are two things that I think make this image special. First is the colors, and second is the light. The colors are like this all over Capitol Reef, but are rather unique to there… so that makes it good. Second is the light. It made me hit the brakes, so there must have been something about the light.

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Dave Koch Photo Wins Best of State

Just after returning from the Oregon Coast shoots last week, I was notified that the winners of Best of State had been announced, and my personal and landscape work won Best of State for Nature Photography. Just being nominated is incredible, but to win Best of State has my head spinning. The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. They judge the body of work of an artist, not just a single image. They also looks at one’s contributions to the state of Utah, and whether your work adds to making Utah a better place. To me, this award is so much more than winning something for taking one good picture; this is about a continued high standard for quality and creativity, and for giving back to the community.

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Capitol Reef Barn Photo Dissection

The Capitol Reef Barn is a landmark and and icon of the Capitol Reef National Park. Practically everyone- photographer and tourist alike- stop to take it’s picture because the appeal of the image is so strong. And I am no different. When I first got to this area, I had to take the shot too- facing both north and south. But I HATE taking the same image as thousands of others. I want to find my own image, my difference. I want to put my touch on the image.

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Goblin Milky Way (or Racing the Dawn To Shoot The Milky Way)

My first trip to Goblin Valley was so much fun, and such a success for me, that my wife insisted I return the following weekend… with her. I’m good with that. There were some images I wanted to revisit, and some places I never got to I wanted to explore. So for the second week in a row, I’m up at two AM and headed down the driveway for points south.

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How To Shoot Better, Higher Resolution Panoramas

I do love me some good pannos. Living as I do in the great American Southwest, everywhere I turn screams to be shot in panoramic style. And not just at 2:1 ratio (that is, twice as wide as it is tall, or 10×20, for example), bit at 10:1 or more. The views out here are just that grand, and that intoxicating. And that worthy of being reproduced in as much detail as possible.

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Turret Arch (or Patience You Must Have Young Padawan)

Arches National Park is a pretty popular park. The park is very interactive, too; it begs you to walk, to touch and to explore. Arches, after all, are made to be climbed on. You can’t climb over the Arches, of course; the rangers frown on that. But tourist can- and do- climb all over beneath and around them. All the time. Millions of them. And they do it just to ruin my pictures.

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