Stormy Wasatch Series Released

Landscape photographer Dave Koch has just released a new series of three images in the “Stormy Wasatch” series. The three images were made following a rather fierce storm in the Wasatch mountains, and the series follows the storm as it clears the mountains into a clean and breathtaking series of images.

The first image- Stormy Wasatch (Rays)– shows the sun peaking out over the craggy peaks and inclines of the mountains. Pine trees look on in mute silence as the clouds break away.

Stormy Wasatch (Fog) shows the point of a mountain as it peaks through the clouds and into the layers of sun. The violent past of the Wasatch is visible in the rocks jutting out at obtuse angles.

Stormy Wasatch (Waterfall)– the final image in the series- shows the effects of the recent storm. A normally sedate stream is rushing with water down a steep slope forming the Secret Falls. I hiked up a frigidly cold stream in my tennis shows and stood in the just-melted run off for 20 minutes to get this image. Strangely, I never felt the cold. Again, the rock of the Wasatch is the foundation of the image, with cracks and fissures competing for attention with the flowing water. A three image panorama.

The Wasatch Range stretches from the Idaho-Utah border south to central Utah, and is considered the western edge of the of the Rocky Mountains. The Wasatch clearly ends the Great Basin area to it’s west, rising up over 7000 feet above the valley floor. While not as tall as the Rocky’s, or even the neighboring Uinta Mountains, the Wasatch are unique in their proximity to major urban centers; 85% of Utah’s population live within fifteen miles of this range.

Prints of various sizes from this series are available on the Fine Art America website, as well as the artists Pixel site ( and the artists personal site (

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CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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