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Stormy Wasatch Series Released

Landscape photographer Dave Koch has just released a new series of three images in the “Stormy Wasatch” series. The three images were made following a rather fierce storm in the Wasatch mountains, and the series follows the storm as it clears the mountains into a clean and breathtaking series of images. Continue reading “Stormy Wasatch Series Released” »

Goblin Milky Way (or Racing the Dawn To Shoot The Milky Way)

My first trip to Goblin Valley was so much fun, and such a success for me, that my wife insisted I return the following weekend… with her. I’m good with that. There were some images I wanted to revisit, and some places I never got to I wanted to explore. So for the second week in a row, I’m up at two AM and headed down the driveway for points south.

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Turret Arch (or Patience You Must Have Young Padawan)

Arches National Park is a pretty popular park. The park is very interactive, too; it begs you to walk, to touch and to explore. Arches, after all, are made to be climbed on. You can’t climb over the Arches, of course; the rangers frown on that. But tourist can- and do- climb all over beneath and around them. All the time. Millions of them. And they do it just to ruin my pictures.

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Too Much…. The Magic Bus

Wow- Sunday was a busy day. And a very diverse day. Three locations, three models, 100’s of miles and 100’s of images… and it was all a blast. I got more- and better- images than I was even hope for. And despite 6 solid, draining hours of shooting, everyone was laughing and having a great time throughout.

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Eyes of the Goblin

For me, part of the job is getting up at two am to be in place for dawn. Not that I LIKE getting up at 2. And in normal circumstances, it is pretty damn hard to get me up at two. But when I am going to an exotic and beautiful place, as I was on Presidents Day 2017, somehow the pain of an early morning is not quite so bad. Continue reading “Eyes of the Goblin” »

Winner in Beautiful Utah

One of my favorite pictures from last year just won it’s first online award. Ice Floe- a shot I made just before Christmas at the end of 2016- was just chosen as the Grand Winner of the Beautiful Utah Photo Challenge on ViewBug. As I looked over the images in competition, I see a lot of really well-made images. Utah is swollen with great places to shoot, and overflowing with those willing to shoot them. So to be picked out of all these wonderful images is an honor for me.

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Head Over Heels

Well I had quite the fun shoot the other night. I always enjoy shooting ballet, and when you get the chance to work with a few young women from Ballet West Academy, it’s just that much better. These were some shots for our friends line of dancewear, and so we were pretty open as to what to shoot- a lot of freedom there. So Ronda and I thought about it, and it being mid-January, we felt on the street stuff might be too much for the girls, no matter how professional they are. We settled on renting a studio space downtown, and I could not have been happier.

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Lunatics Chasing Supermoons

Sunday and Monday nights treated us to the largest moon on 70 years. And the brightest. Challenge accepted Moon!

I wanted to be well back from the Wasatch. I wanted the angle when the moon first appeared to be as shallow as possible, because the moon would be even bigger. To get that shallow angle, you gotta back up from these monsters we call the Wasatch Front. Sure, they are beautiful to look at, but they take up 10-20 degrees of horizon. So I decide to try from Antelope Island out in the Salt Lake. And Tori wants to go, too. So I grab my D500 and let her have the D300s. I have the 70-200 2.8, and she gets the 18-200.

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The Great Zion Adventure, Part Two

Day two also began early. I was not sure exactly where I was meeting “the guys”, and I did not want them waiting for me, so I resolved to be first there. So I left Super 8 at 6 AM and went to a McDonalds- a combo McD’s and 7-11 if you can believe that. All the better because I generally hate the McDonalds OJ and their coffee is undrinkable, so I had options.

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The Great Zion Adventure, Part One

I have been looking forward to a trip to Zion for a long time- since talking with Ryan Smith at the Utah State Fair, actually. Ryan and I were discussing our bucket list of photo spots, and I mentioned The Subway. Ryan let slip that he had a four-person permit for mid-October, and he had an opening. I was all over that, and had been counting the days ever since.

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